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SCHRANK Garderobe von Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali f...
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SCHRANK by the designer and architect Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali embodies both luxury and order and allows for a degree of adaptability otherwise seen only in classical travelling cases. The unexpected contrast between the wardrobe’s stark exterior and soft interior underlines the value of the things one would like to keep in it. SCHRANK can be opened and closed along its central axis and set up in any intermediate position. When closed, it dominates the space around it with its sculptural presence. When opened, it reveals a soft leather-upholstered interior as a perfect protective environment for clothes and other favorite objects. Drawing on the principles of classical modernism, the wardrobe combines the character of an autonomous architectonic object with exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. The piece is mounted on wheels and may be opened along its central axis, revealing compartments and a clothes rail, and a leather-upholstered interior. It is made from white lacquered MDF on the exterior, and cognac-colored Madras leather on the interior, with single button upholstery. When open, the piece measures width 100 cm, and depth 50 cm.

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